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Natures Way

Natures ways? Let's define nature first: Nature is the sum total of everything in the universe that was not created by humans:

  • Creatures, substances and objects such as plants, animals, water, air, and stones.
  • Events such as the rain, the wind, the seasons, earthquakes, and tornadoes.
  • The rest of the universe... The moon, the planets, and the countless stars and galaxies.

From the Sub Atomic to the Cosmic Level

Nature is vast and ranges from the sub atomic level all the way to the gigantic cosmic level. Everything in this extremely wide scope is governed by a set of unbreakable universal laws of nature. These laws control everything in the physical world and life itself... which you violate at your own peril.

Natures way. The universal laws of nature and their impact on you, your health, and your surroundings

When you act in accordance with these laws, everything in and around you functions harmoniously. When you don't, disharmony quickly ensues. It's therefore in your own very best self interest to "obey" these laws.

The Natural Health Connection

Natural health always works in harmony with the laws of nature, takes into account the whole totality of you as an individual, and achieves healing within this context.

Every part of your body is dependent on the other parts which, together, make up the whole of you. This includes parts of your body that you may take for granted.  Now, just for a minute, imagine you no longer have your thumb.... If you had taken it for granted, now you don't.

Everything in and around you is significant and interconnected. Your diet, living conditions, attitude, self esteem, self confidence, exposure to healthy or harmful substances and conditions, your stress levels.... Everything! That is natures way.

Natures Ways and Perfect Health

Your body is perpetually, working to keep you as healthy as you possibly can be. The aim is always perfect health. Natural health always works to enhance your health following these laws, rather than being antagonistic.

Natural healing, when done right, has no side effects. Contrast this with mainstream medicine where some individuals have experienced horrendous side effects from prescribed medicines that are worse than the original disease or condition.

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