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General Health and Well-Being

Your general health and wellness is more than just the state of health of your physical body - the absence of an ailment or disease. It involves other aspects that directly affect one another and work together to bring about balance, happiness, peace of mind and self actualization.

To develop a more whole and complete state of general health and wellness, you will need to acknowledge these aspects, take decisive steps to promote and nurture a better understanding of them, and keep them in balance so that they serve you in the best way possible.

General health and wellness. Information and insights on the key aspects involved in attaining optimal physical, mental, and social well-being.

What are these aspects? Well, they cover all facets of human nature: Life, body, mind, attitude, along with your natural surroundings and social state of affairs. Lets have a brief look at them.

The Mental, Intellectual and Occupational

Mental Health: Reasoning, logic, memory, being able to think things through, make sense of them, reach conclusions, formulate action plans, look back upon, look forward to, while at the same time determining the appropriate level of emotional involvement in every decision you make all depend on a healthy state of mind.

Intellectual Health: This is not limited to academic knowledge. Any activity that helps you learn more about yourself, delves into and explores the world around you,  or boosts your mind in any way enhances robust Intellectual well-being, e.g learning a new craft, and appreciating the arts.

Occupational Health: Seeking out approaches and ways to achieve your career dreams and  ambitions. This may require increased self-awareness so that you know what you're good at and passionate about. It's of vital importance that you do what you love because what you do for a living will take up most of your time.

The Emotional and Spiritual

Emotional Health: This touches on your feelings, especially your self esteem and how you handle the stresses of life. Being connected to your emotions, being aware of them, and developing healthy coping mechanisms ensures emotional wellness and enables you to feel good about yourself and others.

Spiritual Health: This touches on harmonizing the beliefs and values that you subscribe to with your actions. It often involves connecting with a higher power (God) as you search for purpose and meaning in your life. It may include certain spiritual rituals supporting connection to that higher power or belief system.

The Physical and Sexual

Physical Health. A health body that functions efficiently is a basic necessity for health. It also allows you to better experience and explore your health in other wellness aspects. Practicing good healthy habits such as eating healthy, exercise, physical activity, general body hygiene and adequate rest and relaxation are strongly recommended.

Sexual Health: Sexual activity, preferably within a committed monogamous relationship, strengthens your body in quite a number of ways. It has been found to boost immunity, lower stress, improve blood pressure, improve heart health and enhance self esteem. it's also a great way "exercise" and burn off those (excess) calories.

The Social and Environmental

Social Health: Living in harmony with other human beings, establishing sound, mutually beneficial relationships and cultivating a positive connection with everyone around you that enhances community physical and emotional well-being is vital. Balancing your social life with your personal life is also key.

Environmental Health:Your relationship with your surroundings. When your personal surroundings are well looked after, organized and neat, you will experience a greater sense of satisfaction and well-being.  Environmental health also involves your relationship with, caring for, and appreciating nature. 

Boosting Your General Health

A healthy balance of all these aspects will greatly boost your sense of general health and well-being. if you've been experiencing less than perfect health, now might be the right time to take a few steps back, examine these aspects  of your life, and ask yourself some pointed questions. You might just surprise yourself with what you find out.

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