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About Natural Health Remedies

Natural health remedies, herb remedies... What are we talking about? We're basically referring to cures that are, for the most part, derived from plants and are based on the principle of holistic healing - treating the whole disease (that ails you) at its source and not just the symptom(s).

Herb Medicine, A Brief History

Natural herbal medicine has been around for thousands of years. Earliest recordings date back 5,000 years from the Sumerians. The Indians from the Indian sub continent have been using Ayurveda very successfully for thousands of years. Extensive detailed written records exist that can attest to that.

Holistic Remedies for Robust Health

The Chinese are another culture that have been famous for using natural cures along with acupuncture for centuries. Many other cultures around the world have used, and still rely heavily on, traditional healing therapies for treatment instead of modern synthetic medications.

Popularity of Natural Health Remedies

For much of the 20th century - from the early 1900's to the 1960's, healing plants lost their popularity and were shunted aside in favor of conventional medicines. However, since the 1980's, the popularity of herb medicine has been rising due to the following reasons:

  • The whole totality of you as an individual is taken into account. Just the way nature intended.
  • They work in tandem with your body's aim of always striving to keep you as healthy as possible.
  • They are effective, timeless and will never become obsolete due to ineffectiveness.
  • They have no side effects when used as prescribed.
  • They are affordable, convenient, and easy to use.
  • You are always in charge of your health and have the power to heal yourself.
  • The internet has played a big part in "spreading the word" around much faster - and to many more people.

Holistic Remedies for Robust Health

Scientific studies and investigations have provided a growing body of evidence backing the view that:

  • Herb medicine works. The active ingredients within the respective herbs have been isolated, tested and confirmed to be effective.
  • The healing process within your body is given a much bigger boost when these natural substances (that your body accepts much more readily) are used instead of synthetic man made drugs. These  healing plants are holistic remedies that get down to the root of your health condition.

The next time you are affected by any ill health condition, from something as mild as a cold or headache to a more serious ailment such as heart disease or cancer, consider using a  natural herbal remedy.

If you want to get sick less often, have more energy, feel and look better - maybe even live a little bit longer while enjoying good health, then using natural health remedies is the way to go. They are holistic remedies that will guarantee you life long robust health.

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