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Insomnia tips. How To Fall Asleep

Sleepless nights can be a real bother. Figuring out how to fall asleep when you're suffering from the inability to sleep is, well, just near impossible. No matter what you do, you just can't fall asleep. Makes you wish you could get a hold of a magical sleep remedy.

Having trouble falling asleep, and the unpleasant sleep deprivation effects that follow, could be due to a variety of reasons. Stress from work. relationships, finances, or other issues in your life. All this is bound to make you even more desperate in figuring out how to fall asleep. 

How To Fall Asleep Naturally

Insomnia tips. How to fall asleep

Sleep Difficulties Explained

Insomnia is a broad term used to describe the inability to sleep. It applies to both short-term (acute) and chronic sleeping problems (severe insomnia) that can plague one for months, or even years on end. It can be classified into:

  • Primary Insomnia: The sleep problem is not caused by another health condition.
  • Secondary Insomnia: Here the sleeping problem is linked to another condition. Common causes in this category include plain old-fashioned pain, arthritis, heartburn, depression, asthma and cancer.

You've got insomnia if your sleeping problems last longer than a week. If you're having sleep difficulties that last longer than a week but less than a month, then you've got acute insomnia. If you have trouble falling asleep and it lasts longer than a month, then you've got (chronic) severe insomnia.

You are well on your way to figuring out how to fall asleep by taking that first step in understanding your sleep problem.

Common Insomnia Causes

Common, surprising, and often overlooked reasons why you can't sleep include:

  • Over indulgence in Alcohol: Booze is a sedative... That's until the levels of alchohol in your blood drop, leading to sleep problems and reduced quality of sleep.
  • Pets in the Bedroom: Loving companions, no doubt, but hell in bed. They just can't keep still. You won't be able to be still... and you won't sleep well.
  • Exercise: Do not exercise within three hours of your bedtime. Give your body and mind time to wind down.
  • Acid Reflux: Patients with this condition may find that symptoms flare up in bed and trigger the pain of heart burn
  • Medicines: Beta-blockers for high blood pressure, medication for heart problems and steroids for asthma can all hinder proper sleep.
  • Pain: Pain from various health ailments (back pain, head ache, arthritis e.t.c), can also cause sleeping dificulties, reduce sleep quality and leave you feeling groggy and unrested when you wake. 
  • Shift Work: Work routines that abruptly change from day to night on a regular basis don't allow your body time to adjust accordingly. This will inevitably take a toll on your body.

Many individuals, in trying to figure out their "how to fall asleep" dilemma, resort to the quick fix of sleeping pills to deal with the situation. That is not only counter-productive, but can also be dangerous.

Sleeping pills are designed to sedate the patient rather than replicate the healthy natural sleep cycle. Fortunately, there are better sleeping remedies in the form of proper sleep hygiene and herbal sleep aids.

How to Fall Asleep With Proper Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene is one of the best things you can integrate into your lifestyle to help you get proper restful and refreshing sleep. Remember, when trying to combat sleep difficulties, the bottom line is to manage what you can control.

Make your bedroom a sanctuary: A place of relaxation, playfulness and romance. A place to sleep. Use your bed for sleep and sex only. It's not for watching TV, reading, or lying awake and thinking thoughts that keep you from "tuning out."

Don’t Take Stress to Bed: Stress is a killer of sleep, It interferes with the brain’s ability to wind down and "tune out." Deal with potentially stressful issues during the day. Give yourself at least an hour or two to unwind and tune out, with gentle music or light reading.

Keep Your Bedroom Dark and Cool: Imagine a cave, if you will. Try to make your bedroom that way, with a good set of curtains to block out the piercing morning rays of the sun. Keep your room cool - just like that imaginary cave.

Don’t Take Afternoon Naps: Your body likes routine, Don’t disrupt it with routine jolting mid-afternoon naps. The circadian rhythm of your body requires a specific sleep/wake pattern. Otherwise you could be lying in bed sleepless later that night.

Sleep Routine: Establish and maintain a regular sleep routine. Go to sleep and get up at the same time daily to reinforce a circadian rhythm within your body that encourages sleepiness at night and the urge to wake up rested and refreshed in the morning.

Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine Before Bed: One of the most obvious ways to have better sleep. Alcohol is a sedative while Caffeine is a stimulant The former will reduce sleep quality and duration while the latter will keep you awake.

Follow the above insomnia tips and you won't find yourself spending sleepless nights on your bed trying to figure out how to fall asleep.

Natural Sleep Remedies

There may be some nights when, no matter what you do, you find yourself having trouble falling asleep. When it comes to how to fall asleep on those nights, don't reach for that sleeping pill. Instead reach out for a natural sleep remedy like Alteril, one of the best herbal sleep aids around.

Alteril is a natural sleep remedy that offers all the advantages of traditional sleeping pills without any of the side effects associated with common sleeping pills. It relaxes the brain and encourages your body to gently and naturally wind down. Its effects are immediate and deep. You'll go to sleep faster, and stay asleep longer

No need for trips to the doctor, no getting up feeling drowsy and, best of all, no need to worry about building a tolerance or suffering from  withdrawal symptoms. You will have finally figured out how to fall asleep, sleep restfully and wake up refreshed and ready to go.

The sleep difficulties and accompanying sleep deprivation effects you may have suffered will be a permanent thing of the past.

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