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Anti Aging Secrets

Anti aging secrets. Tips and solutions to help you live a long and healthy life are really not that secret at all.  It's just that, despite the information being readily available, awareness by the general public is, well, a bit limited.

This may sound a bit controversial but don't expect the big pharmaceutical companies to let you in on these tips. Doing so would not be very profitable for them.

These "secrets," as simple as they are, are powerful because they focus and work on the whole totality of you as an individual. Your mind, body and spirit.

Anti Aging Starts in Your Mind

Of all the "anti aging secrets," the most important involves your mind. Your attitude and the choices you make. You are as old, or as young as you choose to think you are. Please read that last sentence again and internalize it. The stronger, the better.

Altering your thoughts and perceptions about yourself can slow down, and even reverse aging. Your desire, energy and enthusiasm for life will multiply in leaps and bounds by simply adopting a youthful mindset.

Infuse that mindset with the lessons and wisdom that come with experience and you've just armed yourself with a "killer" life enhancing attitude.

Powerful Anti Aging Diet

Antioxidants are the main ingredients in foods that posses anti aging properties. These anti aging foods help to counteract the effects of free radicals that would have otherwise sped up aging. So, load up on those antioxidant rich fresh brightly colored fruits and veggies.

Anti aging secrets. Tips and solutions for a long and healthy life

Omega 3 Fatty acids, especially from fish oil containing Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), provide powerful anti aging health benefits, They greatly help to avert illnesses associated with aging, such as disorders of the eyes, the heart, cholesterol issues, ulcers and cancer.

Adequate Intake of Water

Many life sustaining biochemical and physiological activities take place within your body, inevitably resulting in the production of waste materials and toxins, that if not eliminated, speed up the aging process.

Drinking lots of Water (at least 8 glasses a day) is the best way to flush out these wastes and toxins and limit their negative effects. Water not only purges your body of wastes and toxins, it protect your skin by keeping it adequately hydrated and looking young.

Boosting your nutrition further with high quality anti aging supplements provides you with numerous health benefits that will allow you to control and age on your own terms.

The Anti Aging Hormone and Sleep

Proper sleep, especially that of the deep rapid eye movement (REM) phase is what you need.  Why? This is the phase of sleep where the youth enhancing HGH (human growth hormone) is secreted by your pituitary gland which, in addition to enhancing body functioning, keeps you looking and feeling younger for much longer.

Inadequate amounts of sleep reduces the amount of HGH secreted by your pituitary gland and shortens the length of your life. A HGH releaser can help you overcome this hurdle.

Some individuals, unable to get adequate sleep, rely on stimulants that contain high amounts of caffeine to stay awake and alert. Stimulants do not work in the long term. They just mask the symptoms and may lead to bigger problems in future such as gastric reflux, peptic ulcers, nervousness and headache.

Anti Aging Secrets, Or Common Sense?

By now you must have realized that these so-called "anti aging secrets" are not really that secret at all. They're more like common sense.

If you were not aware of them, now is the time to make appropriate changes to your attitudes, nutrition and overall lifestyle habits so as to reap the benefits of a long, healthy, productive, disease free and happier life.

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