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A Review of ClearPores®: Within 2 Weeks of Taking ClearPores® My Skin Cleared Up

by Fiona
(United States)

"Within 2 weeks of taking ClearPores® my skin cleared up!"

"Prior to using ClearPores®, I was unsure as to what was actually wrong with my skin. (I had a rash on the lower part of my face covering my cheeks and chin). My skin condition started off as a bunch of bubbles, which , as the day went on, would lead to a rash and a mass of dry flaky skin.

I didn't want to go to a skin specialist just to get a cream for my face as I know that if you have a skin problem, it is your bodies way of telling you that something is not right on the inside.

As I had just finished a 12 week detox, I was extremely frustrated and this is when I went searching and found ClearPores®. I chose ClearPores® due to the natural content and basically nil side affects.

At the same time of starting ClearPores®, I also had an allergy test and found that I had some current allergies that I was unaware of. Within 2 weeks of starting ClearPores® and staying clear of my allergy foods and additionally taking some naturopathic concoctions, my skin cleared up.

I am still to this day taking ClearPores® and I am not sure if it has been ClearPores® by itself or the combination of me doing all the above things mentioned, that has contributed to my now clear skin.

In saying this, I feel that if any of my friends, family, children etc end up having skin problems I will only be too happy to direct ClearPores® their way."

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